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VOLLEYBALL REPLACEMENT: Volleyball Replacement Rules



How does the replacement in Volleyball occur? Learn the details of all rules related to player replacements in Volleyball.


The Substitution in Volleyball is the act by which a player enters the game to occupy the position of another player who must leave the court at this time.

WARNING! The information in this article deals with normal substitutions, i.e. substitutions that do not involve Libero. To learn about the replacements of libero read: Rules for Libero.

When the replacement occurs due to the injury of a player in play, it may be accompanied by the official manual signal executed by the coach (or the captain at stake).


An initial training player can leave the game and return, but only once in the set and for its original position in the formation.

  • Example:The player John was replaced by the player José, João can return to the game, but only in place of the player José. Now John can no longer be replaced during this set.

A backup player can enter the game in place of a player in the starting lineup, but only once per set, and can only be replaced by the same starting player.

  • Example:Maria is a reserve for her team, during the 1st set she replaced the player Carla, now Maria is playing and can only be replaced by the player Carla. Now the player Maria can no longer replace anyone during that set.

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A player (except Libero, the second libero and the regular player involved in his exchange) who cannot continue playing due to injury or sudden illness, must be legally replaced. If it is not possible, the team is entitled to an EXCEPTIONAL replacement.

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An exceptional replacement in Volleyball means that any player who is not on the court at the time of injury except Libero or the regular player involved in his exchange can replace the injured player in the game. The injured player replaced will not be able to return to the match.

An exceptional replacement in Volleyball cannot be counted, under any circumstances, as a regular replacement. However, in the summary, it should be included in the total substitutions of the set and departure.


A EXPELLED or DISQUALIFIED player must be replaced through a legal replacement. If it is not possible, the team is declared INCOMPLETE.

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A replacement is illegal in Volleyball when it exceeds the limitations set out in the rule (except in the case of Exceptional Replacement), or when it involves an unregistered player in the summary.

If a team performs an illegal replacement and the game restarts normally, the offending team is penalized with a point and right to the next loot for the opponent;

Replacement should be rectified;

The points scored by the missing team, counted from the moment the infringement was made, will be cancelled. The opponent’s points remain.


Replacement in Volleyball

  1. Replacements in volleyball must occur within the replacement zone.
  2. A replacement in Volleyball should last only as long as necessary for the record in the summary and allow the players to enter and exit.
  3. A replacement is “requested” when the replacement players enter the replacement zone, ready to play, during a regulatory interruption. It is not necessary for the technician to make the official manual signal, except in case of injury or before the start of a set.
  4. If the player is not ready, the replacement will not be authorized and the team will be sanctioned with a delay.
  5. The replacement request is recognized and announced by the pointer or 2the arbitrator, respectively, by the use of the bell or whistle. The second arbitrator authorizes the replacement.
  6. For fivbWorld and Official Competitions, numbered platelets are used to facilitate replacements. (Even when using electronic devices).
  7. If a team intends to make more than one replacement at the same time, all replacement players must enter the replacement zone together so that they are considered as requested in the same interruption. In this case, substitutions must be made successively, one pair of players at a time. If one of them is illegal, those legally authorized are normally authorized and the illegal will be rejected and is subject to penalty for delay.


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