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Rules for the Libero of Volleyball


Introduction: Rules for the Libero of Volleyball

In Rules for the Libero of Volleyball the Physical Education Tips will clarify the following questions: what is the function of Libero, the substitutions and choice of Libero, the Libero can draw, block or attack? The Positions of the Libero on the court and other details of the Volleyball Rules that surround the Libero.

What is it and what is the function of Libero in Volleyball

Libero is an expert player in volleyball defense and his role on the court is basically reception (pass) and defense.

How the Liberos are made

Each team is entitled to designate between its players, up to two defense-expert players: the Liberos.

  • In FIVBAdult International Competitions, if a team has more than 12 players registered in the summary, the registration of TWO Liberos is mandatory.
  • All Liberos must be registered in the summary before departure.
  • Only a Libero can be on the court at any time in the game.

Equipment: The Uniform of the Libero

  1. The Líbero player must wear a uniform that has a dominant color different from the color of the uniform of the rest of the team.
  2. Libero’s uniform must clearly contrast with the rest of the team.
  3. The Uniform of the Liberos must be numbered in the same way as the rest of the team.

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Libero exchange zone

The Change Zone or replacement of The Libero is in the free zone on the reserve bank side of the teams, between the line of attack to the bottom line.

Rules for the Libero of Volleyball

Can Libero captain a Volleyball Team?

According to the Rules of Volleyball, Libero cannot be the captain of a Volleyball team.

Can Libero attack?

The Player Libero in Volleyball is not allowed to carry out an Attack. It is considered an attacking blow if, at the time of the blow, the ball is completely above the top edge of the net.

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Can Libero block?

Libero in Volleyball cannot block or attempt to block an opposing attack.

Exclusive actions of Libero in Volleyball

  • Libero may replace any player in the defense zone (bottom of the court)
  • Libero has a limited performance to the positions of the defense zone (positions 1, 6 and 5)
  • Libero will not be able to draw, attack, block or attempt to block.
  • If Libero is in the Attack Zone and performs a lift with the fingertips (of Touch), his teammates will not be able to attack if the ball is above the top edge of the net.

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The Replacements of the Libero

  • Substitutions involving Libero do not count as substitutions and are unlimited.
  • Replacing the Libero cannot be done during a Rally.
  • Libero will not be able to take the court at the beginning of each set until the 2nd referee makes the conference of the initial formation and authorizes the exchange with a player with constant in the defense zone.
  • Other Replacements of Libero can only be made from the moment the ball is “out of play”, that is, between the Rallies.
  • Late Replacements of Libero should result in immediate interruption of play and a penalty for delay. The sagging team will be determined by the level of the delay sanction (whether warning or penalty).
  • Libero and his regular player who make the replacement can only enter or leave the court through the Libero’s exchange zone.
  • Replacements of Libero must be recorded in the Libero Control form (if it is being used) or in the electronic summary.

The redesignation of a Libero

If The Libero is injured or expelled or disqualified, he/she may be replaced immediately by the second Libero. If the team has only one Libero, it will be entitled to choose a new Libero, that is, to make a redesignation.

Reassignment for teams with a Libero

If a team has only one Libero, or has registered only one, and this only Libero becomes incapable, the coach (or captain in the absence of the coach) may redesignate as Libero for the rest of the match, any other player who is not on the court in the the time of reassignment, except for the regular player who has exchanged with The Libero declared incapable.

Reassignment for teams with two Libero

A team that has two Liberos registered in the summary and one of them becomes unable to act, the team has the right to replace by the second Libero. A reassignment will not be allowed unless the second Libero also becomes unable to act.


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