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The Origin and History of Volleyball


Introduction: Origin and History of Volleyball

Get to know the Origin and History of Volleyball Indoor We will talk about who created Volleyball, the history of Volleyball in Europe and the Olympics, the evolution of volleyball rules among other details of the history of this exciting sport.

The origin of Volleyball

Origin and History of Volleyball: Who Created Volleyball: William G. Morgan

Who created Volleyball?

The history of Volleyball began in Massachusetts in the United States in 1895, its creator was physical education teacher William G. Morgan. The sport’s original name was “Mintonette”, but was soon named Volleyball.

At first Volleyball was a sport practiced only in the United States, but soon spread all over the world, it was made an Olympic sport and one of the most popular and most practiced sports in the world.

The net in the history of volleyball

William Morgan was inspired by Tennis to get the idea of a net, but a net that would get taller than the Tennis network.

The Ball in the History of Volleyball

Volleyball needed to be something bigger than a tennis ball, but lighter than a basketball. A light leather ball was then created that could easily be thrown over the net.


Volleyball History

The Volleyball game has experienced a wide variety of rule changes over the early years. Different rules were used in various parts of the world before normalization and standardization of volleyball rules.

Number of players

In 1912 the number of players on a Volleyball team was set at six, which is the same to date. The rotation or rotation system of the screwers was also implemented at the same time.

Volleyball arrives in Europe

Volleyball History: the Origin and History of Volleyball in Europe

In 1915 Volleyball arrives on French beaches through American soldiers who were fighting in World War I. The popularity of Voleibol grew rapidly. Volleyball has expanded especially to Eastern Europe, where indoor games (on closed courts) are popular due to the very cold weather.

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The Score

In 1916 the score changed to a form reminiscent of today’s scoring system. The score changed from 21 to 15 points and the Sets were introduced. The winner was determined at a better of two, meaning that two Sets were needed to win a match.

Also in 1916 consecutive contacts (ringtones) by each player were limited to one touch.

It was also established that a player commits a foul to hold on or drive the ball.

Playing with Pé

It was also allowed to play with feet (which is very interesting because FIVB – International Volleyball Federation – allowed again in the recent rule changes that occurred in 1995.)

Touch Limit rule and Lock

In 1920 there was a major change in volleyball rule,the maximum number of three touches was established on the ball per team. The first blocking attempts occurred even before they were identified and recognized by the rules.


The Volleyball Indoor became an official Olympic sport in Tokyo 1964, the same year that international volleyball rules were standardized in 1964, when.

History of Volleyball at the Olympic games
Origin and History of Volleyball at the Olympic Games

Beach Volleyball in the History of Volleyball

There are some reports of men playing volleyball on the beach in Hawaii as early as 1915, while the history of beach volleyball actually began in Santa Monica, California/USA in the 1920s. It was there then that the first volleyball courts were placed on the beach for recreational practice of the regulars.

Origin and History of Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball in World War II

During World War II, many American naval bases had beach volleyball courts and this helped spread volleyball around the world.

First Beach Volleyball competitions

The first men’s doubles beach volleyball tournament was held in Santa Monica, California, in 1948.

Beach volleyball at the Olympics

Beach Volleyball won Olympic sports status at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

“In 2001, the IOC awarded Beach Volleyball the status of permanent Olympic sport.”

History of Volleyball Game

History of Volleyball game

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