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Professor de Educação Física Graduado com Licenciatura Plena em Educação Física pela Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) em 2007.

Futsal Goalkeeper Rules

Introduction: Futsal Goalkeeper Rules We will discuss on the article the rules for Futsal goalkeepers; only the rules related to goalkeepers, in a simple and straightforward way. We will talk about substitution of goalkeeper, pass-back, whether the goalkeeper can score a goal, rules for fly keeper and the offences committed by goalkeepers in Futsal. Futsal… Read More »

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The History of Football Soccer

Introduction: History of Football Soccer From a simple ancient ball game to the most popular sport on the planet. The history of football Soccer has been through not only the feet of diverse cultures over time, but also by the hands. Many violent matches took place until new rules originated the football as we know… Read More »

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Futsal Rules: The Official Rules

Introduction: Official Futsal Rules Studying sports rules is usually boring and something that not everyone enjoys. However, here at Physical Education Tips, we have prepared a precious material about the rules of Futsal; a summary of the official rules of Futsal 2017 elaborated with high quality, so that you can get to know everything about… Read More »

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Futsal Defensive System

Introduction: Futsal Defensive System On this post, ‘Physical Education Tips’ will provide you with all the elements of Futsal: defensive system: man marking, zonal marking, mixed zonal marking, defense lines and Futsal defensive system. What is the goal of Futsal defensive system? A good Futsal defensive system is one that provides effective marking on the… Read More »

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Futsal Positions: The Positions of Futsal Players

Introduction: Futsal Positions In this quick article on the Futsal Positions the Physical Education Tips an illustrated summary about the main positions of the Futsal players: the Defender, the Wingers, the Pivot (Forward), the Goalkeeper and the Fly Goalkeeper. The Positions of Futsal Players The Defender The Defender is the player in the further back… Read More »

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Futsal Tactics: Positions and Systems

Introduction: Futsal Tactic Have you ever left the court thinking you lost a game that should have won – just because you were missing Futsal tactics? In Futsal, the match tactic is super important and, often, a match is lost due to lack of strategy, that is, lack of knowledge about the positions of Futsal… Read More »

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The History of Futsal

Introduction: History of Futsal Today, the Physical Education Tips will tell you about the History of Futsal. Futsal is one of the most played sports in Brazil: at school, in a square or at a sports club it is very common to see people of all ages practicing Futsal. Therefore, it is now time to… Read More »

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Futsal Skills: The Futsal Techniques

What are Futsal Skills? Futsal Skills are the techniques used during a Futsal match. Pass, kick and head are examples of Futsal Skills. Which are the Futsal Skills? Here are some futsal skills: ball trapping / reception, ball control, ball carrying, the pass, the kick, the head, the dribble and the feint. Please find below… Read More »

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Basic Futsal Rules: The Essential Rules of Futsal

Introduction: The Basic Futsal Rules Knowing the Basic Futsal Rules is important for people who want to play Futsal, for the ones who want to start playing Futsal and for the ones who like Futsal and want to get to know its main rules. Therefore, the ‘Physical Education Tips’ has prepared an illustrated guide on… Read More »

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