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Volleyball LIBERO Rules


Introduction: Volleyball Libero Rules

In Volleyball Libero Rules we will clarify the following questions: what is the role of the libero? Can the libero serve, block or attack? The substitutions and number of liberos, as well the libero positions on the court and other details.

What is the Libero and His/her Hole?

Libero is a defensive expert player and his/her role on the court is basically play in reception and defense.

How to Choose the libero?

Each team has the right to designate among its players up to two defensive players: the Libero, following these rules:

  • In FIVB ADULT International Competitions, if a team has more than 12 players registered in the scoresheet, the registration of TWO Liberos is required.
  • All Liberos must be registered on the scoresheet before the beginning of the match.
  • Only one Libero may be on the court at any time during the game.

Equipment: The Libero Uniform

  1.  The Libero player must wear a uniform that has a dominant color different from the uniform color of the rest of his team.
  2.  The Libero’s uniform should contrast with the rest of the team.
  3. The Libero’s uniform should be numbered the same as the rest of the team.
  4. If a team has two Liberos, they can wear uniforms of different colors between themselves and the rest of the team.

Libero Replacement Zone

The libero replacement zone is in the free zone, between the attack line and the end line.

Understand the Volleyball Libero Rules

Can the Libero Captain?


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According to the new Volleyball Rules the Libero can be the captain of a Volleyball team. This Volleyball rule change took place at the 37th FIVB Congress in 2021.

Can the Libero attack?

The Volleyball libero player is not allowed to make an attack. It is considered an attack hit if, at the moment of the hit, the ball is completely above the top of the net.

Can Libero Block?

The Volleyball Libero cannot block or attempt to block an opponent’s attack.

Exclusive Libero Actions

  • Libero may replace any player in the backcourt;
  • Libero is restricted to play in defense zone positions (positions 1, 6 and 5), from the rotation system.
  • The Libero cannot serve, attack, block or attempt to block.
  • If the Libero is in the front zone performs a set using both hands fingertips, his teammates cannot perform an attack if the ball is above the top of the net.

Libero’s Replacement

  • Libero’s replacement for another player does not count as substitutions and is unlimited.
  • Libero replacement cannot be done during a Rally.
  • The Libero may not enter the court at the beginning of each set until the 2nd referee checks the initial formation and authorizes the change with a player from the back zone.
  • The use of a second libero, (substitution) may only be made when the ball is out of play, between the Rallies.
  • Late Libero replacement should result in immediate interruption of play and a delay sanction.
  • The Libero and a regular player who gives his place may only enter or leave the court through the libero replacement zone.
  • Libero replacements must be recorded on the Libero Control form (if in use) or on the score sheet.

The Re-Designation of a New Libero

If the libero is injured, expelled or disqualified, he/she may be replaced immediately by the second libero. If the team has only one libero, it will be entitled to choose a new Libero.

Re-Designation For Teams With One Libero

If a team has only one libero or has registered only one, and that single libero becomes incapable, the coach (or captain in the absence of the coach) may re-designate a player as libero for the rest of the match, any other player not in court at the time of re-designation, except for the regular player who has exchanged with the Libero declared unable.

Re-Designation For Teams With Two Liberos

A team that has two liberos registered in the scoresheet and one of them becomes unable to act, the team has the right to substitute him/her for the second libero. A new re-designation will not be allowed unless the second libero also becomes unable to act.



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