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What is Volleyball: What is the Purpose of Volleyball?


What is Volleyball?

Volleyball is a team sport played by two teams in a court divided by a net.

What is the Objective of the Volleyball game?

Each Volleyball team occupies one of the sides of the court. The objective is to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent’s court.

The Origin of Volleyball

Volleyball originated in 1895 in Massachusetts, USA. It was created by professor of Physical Education William G. Morgan. The Sport was originally named “Mintonette”.

Basic Skills in Volleyball

The basic skills in Volleyball are:

  • Serve or Service;
  • Service Reception;
  • Set;
  • Attack;
  • Block;
  • Defense.

Volleyball Techniques

Volleyball techniques are the skills used when playing Volleyball and performing its basic skills.

Serving Techniques

  • Underhand Serve;
  • Overhand Serve;
  • Side Arm Serve

Defensive Techniques

  • Bump Pass;
  • Block;
  • Martelo (“Hammer”);
  • Dive;
  • Pancake;
  • Volley;

Attacking Techniques

  • Spike;
  • Dink;

Main Rules of the Volleyball Game

The Court

The Volleyball court is 18 m wide and 9 m long.

The net that divides the court is 2,43 m high in men’s volleyball and 2,24 m high in women’s volleyball.

Volleyball Teams

A Volleyball team consists of 6 players in the starting lineup.

Point Scoring in Volleyball

A team scores points when:

  • it gets to ground the ball on the opponent’s court;
  • the opponent’s team sends the ball out of court;
  • the opponent’s team commits a fault or a rule violation.

What is a Rally in Volleyball?

A Rally in Volleyball is the set of actions that happen during the game from the service moment until the moment one of the teams scores a point. Each new service initiates a new Rally.

Sets in Volleyball

A Volleyball match may consist of a minimum of 3 sets or a maximum of 5 sets.

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  • The team that reaches 25 points first, with a 2 point advantage at least, wins a set.
  • In case the game is tied at 24-24, the set continues beyond 25 points, until one of the teams builds a two-point lead over the other and wins the set. E.g., 26-24, 27-25, 28-26.
  • The team that wins 3 sets wins the match.
  • In case of a tie at 2 sets each team, a 15-point tiebreak set is played. The rule of the 2 point advantage continues to apply.

Volleyball Coin Toss

Before the beginning of the game there is a coin toss that defines which team servers first and which side each team takes. In case of a 5th set, there is another coin toss.

Positions and Rotation in Volleyball

  • Three players must stand at the Attack Zone, position 4 (left side of the net or left front), 3 (center of the net) and 2 (right side of the net or right front)
  • And 3 players must stand at the Back Zone: 5 (left back), 6 (middle back) and 1 (right back).
  • After the Serve the players may move freely within or around the court.

When should the Rotation happen in Volleyball?

When the team that RECEIVES the serve wins the Rally, it gains the right to serve and its players must rotate advancing one position clockwise.

The player standing at position 2 (left front) moves to position 1, the player at position 1 moves to position 6, the player at position 6 moves to position 5 and so on.

What is Volleyball: What is the Purpose of Volleyball?

Important Note!

  1. The player that stood at position 2 and advanced to position 1 shall be responsible for the next Serve, necessarily.
  2. The team that Serves doesn’t rotate regardless of winning or losing the Rally.

Out-of-bounds Ball in Volleyball

The ball is considered to be out-of-bounds when:

  • it touches the floor outside the court area;
  • it touches any object outside of the court;
  • it touches the antenna, the supporting cables, the posts or parts of the net outside the playing area;
  • it fully crosses the space under the net.

Hits by the Team

A team is allowed to hit the ball 3 times before sending it to the opponent’s court. At blocking, the touch does not count as a hit by the team.

Four Hits Faults

The team that hits the ball more than 3 times commits a Fault.

Double Contact in Volleyball

A player is not allowed to touch the ball twice consecutively. The touch during blocking does not count as the player’s first touch.

Ball Carrying / Extended Contact in Volleyball

Carrying the ball, catching the ball or throwing the ball is not permitted. It must be hit or rebounded.

Penetration in Volleyball

  • Above the net – when a player touches the ball above the net and it is still in the opponent’s court space.
  • Penetration under the net – when a player enters the opponent’s court with any body part under the net.

Note: During the Blocking action, touching the ball beyond the net is permitted provided that it does not get in the way of the opponent before or during the action of touching the ball.

Contact with the Volleyball Net

  • Contact with the net by a player is considered a fault if it occurs during a playing action.
  • When the ball touches the net and causes it to touch a player, it is not considered a fault.
  • Touching the posts, the ropes that hold the net or the net itself is not considered a fault if done outside the limits of the antennae.

The Service in Volleyball

The Service is the action that puts the ball into play and starts a Rally. The Service is always executed by the player in position 1 (right back).

  • The first Service is defined by a coin toss;
  • The next Services are done by the team that wins the Rally;
  • The team that received the Service first in the first set serves first in the second set;
  • The Service must always be authorized by the referee;
  • Stepping on the end line before the Service hit is not permitted.

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