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Setting in Volleyball: Types of Sets in Volleyball


What is a Setting in Volleyball?

A Setting in Volleyball is the act that puts the ball in position to be attacked. It is the second touch on the ball of a Volleyball team and is performed after the Reception of the opponent’s serve.

How to execute a Setting in Volleyball?

The Setting in Volleyball is performed, preferably, with a technique called Volley.

The Setting in Volleyball may also be performed with the Bump Pass technique when the ball goes too low, or even with one hand only (a more advanced skill).

Volley in Volleyball

  1. The Setter must position him or herself close to the net to receive the Pass that comes from a reception or from a defense;
  2. Upon receiving the Pass, the Setter should maintain a straight back and knees slightly bent;
  3. The arms should be slightly open and the elbows above the shoulder level making a 90 degree angle;
  4. The hands should be above the forehead level, open and a little apart, making the shape of a shell;
  5. The fingers should be kept slightly stretched with the thumbs pointing forward and the index fingers pointing backward;
  6. The ball should be touched mostly with the thumbs and index fingers (the other fingers give support);
  7. At the moment of contact with the ball, the legs should be kept straight to propel the movement;
  8. The arms should also be stretched, at the same time as the legs, to aid in the volley with the fingertips.

Setting in Volleyball

Types of Settings in Volleyball

There are three types of Settings regarding the height with which the ball is tossed.

High Ball Settings / Slow Tempo Settings

It is a Setting that presents little difficulty for the Block of the opposing team.

As the name suggests, it is a type of Setting in which the ball goes high in the air following a parabolic path.

The High Ball Setting is usually aimed at the sides of the net to the Outside Hitter or to the Opposite Hitter.

It may happen after a bad Pass coming from the reception or defense of the team, where the Setter has to move away from the net and, to execute the Setting, makes use of a High Ball Setting in the sides of the court.

The High Ball Setting also occurs when the team Setter performs a defense and the Set is executed by a player not specialized in Setting.

Medium Height Settings

The Medium Height Setting in Volleyball is used in tactical plays with the players that attack from the back zone or with the Opposite.

The Medium Height Setting is faster than the High Ball Set, and, as such, makes it harder for the opposing team to Block it.

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Low Height Settings

The Low Height Setting is a very fast type of Set used for attacks at the center of the net or on the sides of the court with the Outside Hitter or the Opposite Hitter.

Since it is an extremely fast Setting, it is more difficult to be Blocked by the opponent, be it at the center of the net with the Middle Hitter, or with the Sets aimed at the Outside Hitter or Opposite Hitter.

The Setter In Volleyball

The Set is a basic skill of such importance that there is a specialized position in Setting: the Setter.

The Setter must be a very technical and creative player because he or she is the one who orchestrates the attacks of the Volleyball Team.

Being able to read the game and the opponent’s Block is a fundamental feature required for the Setter. This will allow him or her to choose the best attack options for his or her team.

Setting Mistakes and Faults

There are two Setting mistakes that lead to fault in Volleyball: carry (or catch) and double contact.

Therefore, it is important that the Setter sharpen his or her Setting skills to prevent the team from losing points because of those mistakes.

Carry (or Catch) during Setting

A Carry during Setting usually happens with beginners, but it can also occur with players of other levels.

A Carry is when a Volleyball player catches or carries the ball instead of just touching it with the hands and fingers.

A point is given to the opposing team as a consequence of the Carry during the Setting.

Double Contact during Setting

A Double Contact occurs during Setting when a Volleyball player touches the ball twice in a row during the action of Setting. The technique “Volley” must be performed by touching the ball with both hands simultaneously. If one of the hands touches the ball before the other, a double contact is called.

A point is also given to the opposing team as a consequence of a Double Contact during Setting.



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