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How Many Players are there in a Volleyball Team


How Many Players are there in a Volleyball Team?

A volleyball team is made up of 12 players, there are six players on the court and six substitute players.

Coaching Staff in Volleyball

A Volleyball team has one coach, a maximum of two assistant coaches.

Medical Staff in Volleyball

A Volleyball team has one team therapist and one medical doctor.

Only those listed on the score sheet may normally enter the Competition/Control Area and take part in the official warm up and in the match.

How Many Players are there in a Volleyball Team?

For FIVB, World and Official competitions for Seniors:

Up to 14 players may be recorded on the score sheet and play in a match.

The maximum five staff members on the bench (including the coach) are chosen by the coach him/herself but must be listed on the score sheet, and be registered on the O-2(bis).

The team Manager and/or team Journalist may not sit on or behind the bench in the Control Area.

Any Medical doctor or team therapist used in FIVB, World and Official Competitions must be part of the official Delegation and accredited beforehand by the FIVB. However, for FIVB, World and Official  Competitions for Seniors, if they are not included as members on the team bench, they must sit against the delimitation fence, inside the Competition-Control Area or sit in a special place indicated in the Specific  Competition Handbook and may only intervene if invited by the referees to deal with an emergency to the players. The team therapist (even if not on the bench) may assist with the warm up until the start of the official net warm up session.

The Official Regulations for each event will be found in the Specific Competition Handbook.

The Team Captain

One of the players is the team captain, who shall be indicated on the score sheet.

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Only the players recorded on the score sheet may enter the court and play in the match.

Once the coach and the team captain have signed the score sheet, (team list for electronic score sheet) the recorded players cannot be changed.

Location of the Team

The players not in play should either sit on their team bench or be in their warm-up area.

The coach and other team members sit on the bench, but may temporarily leave it.

The benches for the teams are located beside the scorer’s table, outside the free zone.

Only the team composition members are permitted to enter the playing area, to sit on the bench during the match and to participate in the official warm-up session.

Players not in play may warm-up without balls as follows:

during play: in the warm-up areas;

during time-outs: in the free zone behind their court.

During set intervals, players may warm-up using balls within their own free zone.

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