The History of Futsal

By | January 12, 2019

Introduction: History of Futsal

Today, the Physical Education Tips will tell you about the History of Futsal. Futsal is one of the most played sports in Brazil: at school, in a square or at a sports club it is very common to see people of all ages practicing Futsal. Therefore, it is now time to get to know the History of Futsal 🙂

The Origins: Where and how was Futsal invented?

Futsal: História, Regras e Fundamentos

There are two divergent versions about the origins of Futsal (Indoor Football). One of the versions is that Futsal started being played in the city of São Paulo / Brazil, in the Christian Youth Association (ACM), in the 1940s, because at that time it was already hard to find free Football fields to play the sport. The solution was to use the Basketball and Hockey courts in order to play Football.

Futsal Tactics: Positions And System

Where was Futsal invented?

The most accepted version of the origins of Futsal is that it began in Uruguay as it started being played in the 1930s in Montevideo, also at the Christian Youth Association.

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Who invented Futsal?

Uruguayan Physical Education teacher Juan Carlos Ceriani is considered the creator of Futsal, who used the term “Indoor-Football” to designate the new sport.

Quem criou o Futsal? Juan Carlos Ceriani⇒ Oficcial Futsal Rules

Some facts about the origins of Futsal

The ball was one of the first adjustments that Futsal had to get done regarding Football. The ball used in the football field was big and very bouncy; a smaller and heavier ball was necessary, in order to be used at an indoor field. That is what was done and Futsal has come to be known as the “heavy ball sport”.

Another adjustment was related to the number of players on each Futsal team, since the 11 players of Football did not fit the court. Several formations were tried, until they reached the number of 5 players per team.

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The History of Futsal in the World

In September 1969 in Asunción/Paraguay was founded the South American Confederation of Indoor Football, with the presence of representatives of Futsal / Brazil’s Indoor Football.

In July of 1971 in São Paulo/Brazil, with representatives of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Portugal was founded the FIFUSA – International Federation of Indoor Football.

Futsal Defensive Tactics

Entidades Internacionais do Futsal

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First International Futsal Competitions

In 1980, the first Futsal Pan American Championship was held in Mexico, with the participation of Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and the United States. Brazil was the winner of this competition.


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In 1982, FIFUSA held the first Futsal World Championship, in São Paulo / Brazil. Brazil was the first Futsal world champion; the tournament was attended by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Italy, the Netherlands and Japan.

In 1985, the second Futsal World Championship was held in Spain, won by Brazil once again. In 1988 the third Futsal World Championship was held in Australia and won by Paraguay.

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FIFA takes control of Futsal

A FIFA assume o Futsal

In 1989 FIFA – International Football Federation – has decided to get in the dispute for the control of Indoor Football, creating new rules and changing the name to FUTSAL. In the same year, they held the first FIFA Futsal World Cup in the Netherlands. Bradesco’s Brazilian team was authorized by CBFS to participate in the competition and became the champion of the first FIFA Futsal World Cup.

The History Football Soccer

Brazil in worldwide Futsal

An important moment in history was when Brazil, the greatest strength of Futsal in the world, was officially unaffiliated with FIFUSA, joining FIFA and FUTSAL. Undoubtedly one of the most important moments in Futsal history in the world.

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FIFUSA World Champions

  • 1982 – Brazil
  • 1985 – Brazil
  • 1988 – Paraguay


Campeões Mundiais FIFUSA

Futsal World Cups

From 1992, FUTSAL World Cups were organized by FIFA and started being held every 4 years.

The champions of the FIFA Futsal World Cup are:

  • 1989 – Brazil
  • 1992 – Brazil
  • 1996 – Brazil


Histórico do Futsal no Brasil

  • 2000 – Spain
  • 2004 – Spain
  • 2008 – Brazil
  • 2012 – Brazil
  • 2016 – Argentina

Video about the Origins of Futsal

For those of you who like video content, watch the video below about the origins of Futsal.


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