Futsal Goalkeeper Rules

By | January 12, 2019

Introduction: Futsal Goalkeeper Rules

We will discuss on the article the rules for Futsal goalkeepers; only the rules related to goalkeepers, in a simple and straightforward way. We will talk about substitution of goalkeeper, pass-back, whether the goalkeeper can score a goal, rules for fly keeper and the offences committed by goalkeepers in Futsal.

Futsal Goalkeeper Rules: Substitution

Any substitute player can replace the goalkeeper; it is not necessary to inform the referee or to request a time out for that matter.

The goalkeeper may also be substituted by any player on the team who is on court, in which case the referee must be informed and the game stopped in order for the substitution to take place. In addition, the player who replaces the goalkeeper must wear a jersey of the same color worn by the goalkeepers of his team as well as keep his number on the back.

The Futsal Tecniques

Futsal Goalkeeper Rules: Shirt Color

The color of the goalkeeper’s uniform should be different from the rest of the team, the opposing team and the referees. In exceptional cases, when there is an impossibility, the goalkeeper shall be allowed to wear a uniform of the same color as the referees’.

The team goalkeeper’s shirt may not have the same color as the opposing team’s goalkeepers’ shirt.

When the Fly Keeper is used, their uniform must have the same color as the uniform worn by the goalkeepers on their team, keeping only their numbers as it was designated before the match. Goalkeepers, as well as fly keepers, should also have their numbering written on their shorts.

⇒ The Essential Rules of Futsal

Can the Goalkeeper score a goal in Futsal?

O Goleiro pode fazer gol no Futsal?

A goal scored by the goalkeeper after a goal clearance or any other ball play made directly by the hands shall not be valid, but if after the goal clearance the ball touches another player, from their own team or from the opposing team or even the opponent’s goalkeeper, the goal will be valid.

Any other type of play performed by the goalkeeper that results in a goal using the feet, head or any part of the body other than the hands, arms and forearms shall be considered a valid goal.

⇒ The History of Futsal

Futsal Rules for the Fly Keeper

Regras do Futsal para goleiro linha

The Futsal rules for fly keepers are the same as for the regular goalkeeper. They shall respect the 4 seconds of ball possession in the defense court, they can freely touch the ball in the court of attack, they shall not score goals with their hands, they may not have the ball back passed in their defense court after touching it once.

If the fly keeper is an outfield player, the substitution process is also described here in that article.

⇒ The Fustal Court (Pitch)

Futsal Goalkeeper Rules Fouls

If the goalkeeper exceeds the limit of the penalty area holding the ball with his hands and being the ball in play, a Direct Free kick will be awarded to the opposing team.

A partial defense by the goalkeeper will not be considered as the first touch regarding a back pass to the goalkeeper; that way, the players of his team will still be able to return the ball to the goalkeeper, even if opponent.

Futsal Tactics

Back-pass Rule for Futsal Goalkeepers

  • The Futsal goalkeeper will not be able to touch the ball with his hands inside the penalty area if it was intentionally passed to him by a teammate with his foot, even if it comes from a throw in, corner, direct or indirect free kick.
  • If a defense player intentionally kicks the ball up in order to return it to the goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper touches the ball with any part of his body it will be awarded an indirect free kick to the opposing team.
  • If the goalkeeper receives the ball for the first time on the attack area and then returns to his defense area with the ball, the first ball touch is considered and the referee starts the 4-second count down.
  • After taking a goal clearance, the goalkeeper may not receive the ball again in the defense area, if a player of the opposing team has not touched it.
  • If the ball is in play and the goalkeeper touches the ball for a second time considering an opposing player did not touch the ball, then an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team, if the touch was performed with any part of the body other than the hand.
  • A partial defense performed by the goalkeeper is not considered as the first goalkeeper touch
  • If the ball is touched for the second time by the goalkeeper using his hands, then a direct free kick will be granted, if the touch was performed outside the penalty area and an indirect free kick will be granted if the touch was performed inside the penalty area, the kick must be taken from the penalty area line, at the closest spot to where the infraction occurred.

⇒ The Futsal Rules


Regras do Futsal relacionas ao Goleiro

The Goalkeeper and the direct free kick and penalty kick

  • If the goalkeeper moves too early with the occasion of a direct free kick and the goal is not scored, then the goalkeeper will be punished with a yellow card and there will be a retake.
  • If the goalkeeper moves too early with the occasion of a penalty kick and the goal is not scored, there will be a retake, but the goalkeeper will only be punished with a yellow card in case of recurrence.
  • If the goalkeeper moves too early with the occasion of a direct free kick or a penalty kick and the goal is scored, then the goal is considered valid and the goalkeeper will not be punished with a yellow card.
  • The backup goalkeeper can replace the first-choice goalkeeper at any time during penalty kicks.

The Futsal Positions

The goalkeeper and the kick-in

If the goalkeeper takes a kick-in, he will not be allowed to have the ball returned to him in his defense court if an opposing player has not touched the ball.

The goalkeeper and the 4-second rule

The goalkeeper may only keep possession of the ball in his court of defense for no longer than 4 seconds.

If the goalkeeper gets the ball for the first time in his attack court and decides to return to the court of defense with the ball on his possession, he must respect the 4-second rule.

Goal clearance by the goalkeeper

  • The goal clearance is taken exclusively by the Futsal goalkeeper, no other player is entitled to perform it.
  • The goalkeeper will have 4 seconds to take a goal clearance if the time elapses, the other team gets an indirect kick on the penalty area line, at the closest spot to where the infringement occurred.
  • During the goal clearance, the goalkeeper is not allowed to throw the ball exceeding the limit of the penalty line; parts of the body may exceed it, but never the ball.
  • Caso o goleiro erre a cobrança do Arremesso de Meta o árbitro mandaŕa repetir, porém a contagem dos 4 segundos recomeçará a partir dos segundos que já tinham sido contados na cobrança incorreta.
  • The clearance is retaken if the goalkeeper does not take it properly, however, the 4 seconds countdown will restart from the seconds that had already been counted in the incorrect clearance.
  • The goalkeeper must not throw out a goal clearance for himself
  • Se após um arremesso de meta a bola for devolvida para o goleiro em sua quadra de defesa por um jogador de sua equipe, sem que tenha tocado em um adversário, será marcado tiro livre indireto para equipe adversária.
  • If after a goal clearance the ball is return to the goalkeeper in his defense court by a teammate, considering the ball has not touched an opposing player, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

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