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4 Seconds Rule in Futsal


​What is the 4-Second Rule in Futsal?

The 4 Seconds Rule in Futsal is a time limit for performing certain actions during a futsal game.

​When is the 4 Seconds Rule Applied in Futsal?

The 4-Second Rule in Futsal is applied with the referee’s opening count whenever:

  • goal kick;

  • Lateral Shot;

  • corner shooting charge;

  • deliberate exchange of passes within its penalty area;

  • possession of the ball by the goalkeeper within his half-court of defense;

  • direct free kick;

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  • indirect free kick;

  • When the Futsal referees realize that for tactical reasons the player is delaying the restart, they can start counting the 4 seconds, even if the player is not in possession of the ball;

  • When it is the case to open the 4-second count in Futsal, it should always be done by the referee closest to the play.

​When should the 4-second rule not be applied in futsal?

For the outgoing or outgoing ball from the middle of the court the 4 second rule does not apply. If the Futsal player takes a considerable amount of time, the referee will give a verbal warning and, in case of a repeat offence, apply a yellow card.

​4-Second Countdown in Futsal

The 4-second count in Futsal must be clearly indicated publicly and visibly to all persons involved in the game by one of the referees.

​How is the 4-Second Counting done?


4 seconds Rule in Futsal

One of the referees should count the 4 seconds in Futsal by bringing his arm to his chest and extending it alongside his body, repeatedly, from 1 to 4, so that the count is public, as in the picture above.

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