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The History of Football (Soccer): Its Origin and Creator

The History of Football

​Introduction: Who invented football?

The Football (Soccer) is one of the most popular sports in the world, is played in many countries, and arouses the interest of many people because of the way it is played. Learn here The History of Football (Soccer), and its creator.

In this article you will learn more details about the origin of Football. and fall even more in love with this sport that enchants crowds. Enjoy your reading!

​The origin of Football

Various cultures around the world have some reference to the invention of football. Chinese, Italians, Japanese, English, Vikings, and many other peoples already played some kind of kickball game.

The problem is that nobody knows for sure which country invented this game; many people believe that the English invented football, but this was not the case.

​The Contribution of the English

The English only organized and invented rules for a sport that had already been played for thousands of years.

​The Asian Contribution

In countries such as Japan and China, a sport very similar to the one we follow today was already practiced more than 2,000 years ago.

​The Contribution of the Greeks

Ancient Greeks also played ball with their feet, as did the Romans of the time of the empire.

​Where was Football invented?

Thus, we can that the most accepted position on the invention of Football is that it was invented by the Chinese and incremented by the English.

Quem inventou o Futebol

​The Development of Football in the World

The reality is that Football has become very popular, because of how simple it is to play. Football can be played anywhere. All you need is a ball, the teams, and the goalposts, which are often made out of items such as slippers.

At school, in the neighborhood, on the street, in the backyard? football has been a source of fun for children and adults alike for a long time.

​Origins of Football in Ancient China

Around 3000 B.C., in ancient China, the Chinese military had military training that was very similar to a game of football: tsu chu. After wars were over, teams were formed to kick the heads of enemy soldiers.

Over time, the heads of the enemies were replaced by leather balls that were reversed for hair. Two teams were formed with eight players. The object of the game was to pass the ball from foot to foot without the ball hitting the ground.

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The idea was that the ball would be carried to one of the stakes that were driven into the field, connected by a wax thread.

​Origin of Football in Ancient Japan

In Ancient Japan a game very similar to today’s Football was also created, called Kemari.

Kemari was played on a field of approximately 200 square meters by members of the Japanese emperor’s court. The ball was made of bamboo fibers and there were 8 players on each team. One of the rules was that no physical contact was allowed between the 16 players.

Some historians claim that games between the Chinese and Japanese took place in ancient times.

Football comes to England

It was around the 17th century that Football arrived in England. It was the English who created different rules for the sport.

Football was organized and systematized, with the following rules:

  • The field had to measure 120 by 180 meters;

  • At the two ends were to be placed two rectangular arcs that were called “goals”;

  • The ball was made of leather and was to be filled with air;

With rules that were objective and much clearer than the ones previously practiced, Football started being practiced by the sons of the English nobility and students.

Little by little, other rules were installed in Football and it became popular, until it became what we know today.

Now you know who invented football and how the sport was played in the old days. See you later!

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