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New Football Rules 2020

New FIFA Football Rules 2020

​New Football Rules 2020

FIFA, through the International Football Association Board (IFAB), has released the New Football Rules for 2020 and 2021. These changes to the Laws of Football will come into effect as of June 1, 2020.

Check out all the new Football rules for 2020 and 2021 below.

​Impediment Rules

  • There will be no offside after an intentional hand touch by the defender.

NOTE: The IFAB believes that it should modify the offside rule to facilitate attacks and goals, but left to expand on this discussion at the next meeting.

​VAR Rules

  • When VAR indicates a review of an interpretative throw-in (penalty kick, red card), the field referee’s review on the VAR monitor becomes mandatory (in some countries VAR indicated an error by the field referee in interpretative throws and the field referee changed his decision without reviewing the throw-in on the monitor).

NOTE: Still on VAR, the IFAB has not authorized the release of the audio from the VAR booth.

​Hand on ball Infractions

Conheça as novas regras do Futebol 2020



  1. Any touch of the hand on the ball intentionally is still scored in any situation;

  2. Touching the arm on the ball, below the armpit, is still an infraction.

​Penalty Killing Violations

  • If the goalkeeper steps forward during a penalty kick and the penalty is not converted, the referee must analyze whether the goalkeeper’s step forward actually interfered with the penalty kick.

  • If the referee considers that there was interference by the goalkeeper when moving forward, the goalkeeper should no longer be punished with a yellow card, only if he is a repeat offender.

  • If the goalkeeper and the penalty taker commit an infraction in the same penalty shootout, now only the player will receive a yellow card, and the goalkeeper only in case of a repeat offence.

  • A player or goalkeeper who has received a yellow card during the game, when he receives another yellow card during the penalty kick, will no longer be sent off, only registered in the summary sheet.


Not punishing the goalkeeper with a card after an advance, follows the logic of not applying a double punishment, as the penalty will already be repeated as a way to punish the goalkeeper;

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