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The Fundamentals of Football (Soccer)

The Fundamentals of Football/Soccer

​Introduction: Fundamentals of Field Football/Soccer

In sports, football FIFA tops the list of preferred sports by the Brazilian public, which is passionate about this modality. Learn about the Fundamentals of Football, which are the main techniques used in the Field Football game.

​Technical Specificities of Football

However, do you know the technical specifics of this beloved sport? This article will teach you about some basic technical points that all players must follow for good practice, i.e. the technical basics of football.

​Training and Technique

In any case, the most basic rule depends on the player’s skill, which is to have dominion and control of the ball, which requires constant training and dedication: the more, the better. Yes, you can be a more skillful and technical player if you train harder!

​Qualities required in a Football player

Each player has his or her own personal characteristics, but there are some points that make them different from one another. These points determine the abilities of each player and are very important for the team’s success.

So, it is necessary for the player to have and improve the following qualities:

  • Technique – having precision in kicks and passes, knowing how to handle dribbling, knowing how to take free kicks, having agility when defending (goalkeeper), etc;

  • Physics – power, coordination, and balance are what determine each player’s mechanics. If you have power, you have speed; coordination allows you a broader vision of what is happening around you; and balance keeps you active;

  • Mental – having self-confidence, determination, and being bold are virtues common to the best players. Without any of these traits, playing with skill becomes more difficult.

​Basic Foundations in Football

Fundamentos do Futebol de Campo

Every football player, whether a beginner or professional, has in him the four basic techniques for playing the sport, which are:

  • Controlling the ball – having control of the ball is the same as knowing how to dominate it, keeping in mind that if done properly, you will succeed. Control can be with the player stationary or in motion;

  • Driving the ball – moving the ball around the field is what will determine the final goal: the goal. The way this is done, between two points within the field, is up to each player, but he knows he is not alone, so he must rely on his teammates, using other related skills;

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  • Passing the ball – while driving, it is very difficult and rare for a player to leave his defense line and head to the other side of the field and score. He needs to exchange passes, throwing the ball to his partner and so on;

  • Kicking the ball into the net – this is the goal of all outfield players, trying to score a point by “putting the ball in the net”. This does not always happen, due to several factors that do not depend only on the player who kicked the ball.

Scoring or scoring goals is the main goal in a football match. The goal is to come out victorious, so the more goals you score over your opponent, the better. Not to mention that the goal is what sets off the joy of the fans.

​Technical Foundations in Football

The technical fundamentals, or special techniques, involve personal skills, but that give prominence and greater efficiency to the player, if arduously trained. They are

  • Heading – the player heads the ball when: he is going to make or receive a pass or try to score. It is essential for defensive or attacking actions;

  • Volley – is when the player takes advantage of an aerial ball and kicks it into the goal, before the ball hits the ground, by lifting and turning his body in the same direction as the kicking leg. Semi volley is if the ball touches the ground once;

  • Defense techniques – involves: taking the ball from the opponent, intercepting passes from the opponent, and dueling for the ball within the limits allowed by the rules;

  • Finta – or dribbling, is useful in the sense of crossing the opponent to continue attacking with the ball at his feet. It can also be done without the ball, when the player gets rid of the opponent to obtain an advantage in a play.

​Technical Basics for Football Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are in a position where the techniques mentioned above do not fit very well. On the contrary, he must have the skills to defend against all of them and, consequently, defend the goal.

The preparation of these professionals, despite being done in the same training sessions, must be differentiated, and for this there is a goalkeeper trainer, who is a professional specialized in technical training for goalkeepers. Reflexes, agility, muscle explosion, positioning and strategy, and specific situations such as penalty kicks are coordinated by the goalkeeper trainer.

These football fundamentals are the basics of understanding and playing a good match. Success already depends on the commitment and will of each player, who can become the “hero of the day” or the “executioner” of the team in a match.

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