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Bump Pass in Volleyball

Manchete no Voleibol

What is a Bump Pass in Volleyball?

The Bump or Bump Pass in Volleyball is a technique used for passes and defenses. It is performed with the forearms and can be used in different situations during a volleyball match.

What is the Bump used for?

The Bump may be used as a Set, but it is mostly used in Defense or Serve Reception.

How to perform the Bump in Volleyball?

A good execution of the Bump consists of:

  1. legs apart;
  2. knees slightly bent;
  3. torso leaning forward;
  4. arms fully extended and hands kept together;
  5. hitting the ball with the forearms.

Bump pass in Volleyball

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Types of Bumps in Volleyball

The consideration of different Types of Bumps takes into account the different body positions:

  • Regular Bump – performed with the arms in front of the body.
    • Side Bump – performed with the arms on the side of the body.

  • Dig or Diving Bump – when the player needs to “dive” onto the floor to perform the bump.

Mistakes when performing the Bump in Volleyball

The main mistakes committed when doing the Bump are:

  • bending the elbows when hitting the ball;
  • using the hands to hit the ball;
  • positioning the body incorrectly;
  • hitting the ball too hard.

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