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Screening in Volleyball

Screening in Volleyball

Screening in Volleyball

Learn all about Screening in Volleyball. The concept, types, example and the referee’s signal for a Screening in Volleyball.

What is Screening in Volleyball?

A volleyball Screening is when the players of the serving team prevent their opponent, either by individual or collective action, from seeing the service hit and the trajectory of the ball at the moment of service.

Screening Types in Volleyball

A player or a group of players from the serving team performs a Screening by performing one of the following actions:

Not a Screening

If only one or the other condition is visible (hiding the serve stroke or hiding the serve trajectory), this is not considered a Screening.

Screening and Positional Fault

After the ball is hit correctly, the serve becomes foul if the ball passes over a Screening, except if there is a position foul, in which case the positional fault was committed first and that is what will be marked.

Screening Image in Volleyball

Screening Image in Volleyball

Screening Referee Signal in Volleyball

Raise both arms vertically, palms forward.

Screening Referee Signal in Volleyball

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