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Rotational Fault in Volleyball

Rotational Fault in Volleyball

Understand what is rotational fault in volleyball and what are the consequences of rotational fault in volleyball.

Volleyball Rotation Positions

At the moment the ball is hit by the server, each player, except the server, must position himself inside his court in the rotation order established before the start of the set.

The rotational positions of the players on the court are numbered as follows:

Three players along the net form the front line and occupy positions 4 (front-left), 3 (front-centre) and 2 (front-right);

The remaining three form the back row, occupying positions 5 (back-left), 6

(back-centre) and 1 (back-right).

Rotational Fault in Volleyball

A rotational fault in Volleyball is committed when the serve is not performed according to the rotation order established at the beginning of the set.

Example of rotational fault in volleyball

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The player who must deliver the service is always the player who occupies position 1 (back-right) after the team’s rotation. If the service is delivered by a player occupying any other position in the rotation, we have a rotation fault. For example: if the player in position 6 delivers the service, it is a rotation fault.

In the event of a rotational fault in a Volleyball match, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. the scorer stops play by the buzzer;

  2. the opponent gains a point and next service;

  3. the rotational order of the faulty team must be rectified.

If the failure to rotate is identified after the rally has been completed, only one point will be given to the receiving team, regardless of the outcome of the rally, i.e., even if the receiving team won the rally, only one point will be awarded.

If a turnover foul is identified only after several plays, the scorer shall determine the exact time the foul occurred and all points scored since that time by the offending team shall be nullified. The opponent’s points shall stand.

If the moment of the foul cannot be determined, there is no annulment of points and the serve to the opponent will be the only sanction.

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