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Red Card in Futsal

Red card in futsal

​Red Card in Futsal

When should a Red Card be given in Futsal? Learn all the red card rules in futsal.

​Red Card Fouls in Futsal

A player or substitute player in Futsal who commits any of the following fouls will receive a red card and be sent off.

​Hand and Red Card in Futsal

Preventing with the use of the hand the opposing team from scoring a goal or a clear scoring opportunity, except a goalkeeper within his own penalty area.

When a player prevents the opposing team from a goal or a clear scoring opportunity by a handball infraction, the player is sent off wherever the infraction occurs.

Red card in Futsal

​What is a Clear Goal Opportunity?

The following circumstances must be considered in determining whether a clear goal opportunity exists:

  • The distance between the place of the infraction and the goal;

  • The direction of play;

  • The probability of keeping or gaining control of the ball;

  • The position and number of defensive players, including the goalkeeper;

  • Whether or not the target is “unprotected”.

​Not a Clear Goal Opportunity in Futsal

If a goalkeeper is in front of his own goal to defend it, it is considered that no clear goal-scoring opportunity infringement can be committed, even if the situation meets the other criteria for determining the existence of a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

​Could be Clear Goal Opportunity

If the number of players on the attacking team is equal to or greater than the number of players on the defending team, except the goalkeeper, when the goal is not protected by the goalkeeper and other criteria for determining the existence of a clear goal-scoring opportunity are met, this can be considered a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

​Red Card for Moving the Crossbar

A defending player who moves or tumbles the crossbar, when this prevents the ball from crossing the goal line will receive a red card and be sent off.

​Foul and Red Card in Futsal

A player will be punished with a red card and sent off if he commits a foul punishable by a free kick, the goal being unprotected by the defending goalkeeper, prevents a goal or a clear scoring opportunity of the opposing team, whose general movement of the opponent is towards the attacker’s goal, unless as described below:

  • Being guilty of a gross foul;

  • Biting or spitting on someone;

  • Being guilty of violent conduct;

  • Use offensive, insulting, or abusive language and or action;

  • Receive a second yellow card warning in the saTarjeta Roja en el Fútbol Salame game.

​Red Card and Penalty in Futsal

When a player commits a penalty kick, which prevents a clear scoring opportunity, the defender is cautioned with a yellow card if the infraction was an attempt to challenge for the ball, in all other circumstances, e.g. holding, pulling, pushing, unable to play the ball, etc., the offending player must be sent off with a red card.

​Goalkeeper’s Hand Outside the Area and Red Card

If a goalkeeper prevents a goal from the opposing team or a clear scoring opportunity by a handball infraction outside his penalty area when his goal is unprotected or only guarded by a player of the defending team behind the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is sent off.

​Red Card for Serious Abusive Play

An infraction or an entrance that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious rough play.

Any player who strikes an opponent with excessive force when contesting the ball from the front, side or back, using one or both legs, or who endangers the physical integrity of an opponent, is guilty of serious rough play.

​Red Card and Violent Conduct

Violent conduct is when a player uses or attempts to use excessive force or brutality against an opponent when not disputing the ball, or against anyone else, regardless of whether contact has been made.

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Violent conduct in Futsal can occur both on and off the court, whether the ball is in play or not.

​Advantage and Violent Behavior in Futsal

Advantage should not be applied in situations involving violent conduct unless there is a clear subsequent opportunity to score a goal. In that case, the referees must send off the player guilty of violent conduct when the ball is out of play.

Violent conduct usually leads to widespread confrontations between players, so they should try to prevent this with strict intervention.

A player or substitute guilty of violent conduct must be sent off.

​Trespassing and Red Card

A player, sent-off player, substitute or member of a team’s coaching staff who enters the court without the necessary authorization from one of the referees or in violation of the substitution procedure and interferes with play, commits an infraction by preventing the opposing team from scoring a goal or nullifies a clear scoring opportunity, commits a red cardable infraction.

If a substitute, sent-off player or member of the team’s coaching staff prevents the opposing team from scoring a goal or a clear scoring opportunity by a handball infraction or an infraction punishable by a free kick, the number of players of the offending team is reduced.

​Red Card for members of the coaching staff

Red cardable infractions include, but are not limited to:

Delaying the restart of the game by the opposing team, e.g. holding the ball, kicking the ball away, obstructing a player’s movement.

Deliberately leaving the technical area to:

  • Show disagreement or protest against a member of the game’s refereeing team;

  • Act in a provocative or challenging manner.

Enter the opponent’s technical area in an aggressive or confrontational manner.

Throwing, deliberately kicking an object into the court.

Enter the court for:

  • Confronting a game referee, including at halftime or at the end of the game;

  • Tarjeta Roja en el Fútbol SalaInterfering with the game, an opposing player, or a member of the game officiating crew.

Physical or aggressive behavior, including spitting or biting, toward any other person;

Receiving a second yellow card in the same game;

Use offensive, insulting, or abusive language and or action;

Use unauthorized electronic or communication equipment and or behave inappropriately as a result of using electronic or communication equipment;

Violent conduct.

​Offenses committed by throwing an object (including the ball)

If a member of the coaching staff throws an object onto the court with excessive force, the aggressor will receive a red card for violent conduct.

​Infraction by Unidentified Member

When a red card infraction is committed by a member of the team coaching staff and the offender cannot be identified, the team’s head coach present in the technical area will receive the sanction.

​Consequences of the Red Card in Futsal

An ejected player or substitute must leave the vicinity of the court and the technical area.

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