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Origin and History of Futsal

The History of Futsal

​Origin and The History of Futsal

The origin of Futsal began in the 1930s when the practice of field soccer began to be adapted to the courts of other sports, such as basketball courts.

​Where did Futsal originate?

Futsal appeared in Uruguay in 1934, it was in the Young Men’s Christian Association (A.C.M.) of Montevideo that the first rules of Futsal began to be founded.

​Who Created Futsal?

Mr. Juan Carlos Ceriani of the A.C.M. of Montevideo is considered the creator of Futsal, it was he who formalized the first rules of Futsal, in them Mr. Ceriani mixed rules of Football, Basketball, Handball and even Water Polo.

​Futsal has spread around the world

Still in the 1930s there was a course promoted by the Technical Institute of the South American Federation of A.C.M., in this course copies of the rules created by Mr. Ceriani were distributed, including to Brazilian representatives.

Origin and The History of Futsal

​The Edition of the 1st Futsal Rule Book

In 1956 the same Habib Maphuz was a collaborator of Luiz Gonzaga de Oliveira Fernandes, author of the first Futsal rule book published in the world.

​1st Brazilian Futsal Championship

In 1958 the Brazilian Sports Confederation (CBD) founded the Technical Council of Indoor Football with the affiliated state federations. From then on the rules were again improved and unified.

In 1959 in São Paulo the first Brazilian Championship of Selections of Indoor Football was held, the selection of Rio de Janeiro was the champion.

​The South American Futsal Federation

In September 1969 in Asuncion, Paraguay, the South American Confederation of Indoor Football was founded, with the presence of representatives of Indoor Football from Brazil.

​The Creation of FIFUSA

In July 1971 in São Paulo/Brazil FIFUSA (International Federation of Indoor Football) was founded, with representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Portugal. The first president of FIFUSA was the Brazilian João Havelange.

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​The Creation of CBFS

It was only in 1979 with the end of the CBD that the CBFS (Brazilian Confederation of Indoor Football) was created, which elected Aécio de Borba Vasconcelos as its first president.

​International Futsal Competitions

In 1980, the first Pan American Indoor Soccer Championship was held in Mexico, with the participation of Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and the United States. Brazil was the winner of this competition.

In 1982 FIFUSA held the first World Futsal Championship in São Paulo/Brazil. Brazil was the first world champion of Futsal / Indoor Football, the tournament was attended by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Italy, Holland and Japan.

In 1985 the second World Cup of Indoor Football was held in Spain, again won by Brazil.

IIn 1988 the third World Indoor Football Championship was held in Australia and won by Paraguay.

Indoor Football or Futsal?

In 1989, FIFUSA controlled Indoor Football and FIFA controlled Five-a-side Football, FIFA articulated the fusion of Indoor Football with Five-a-side Football, from this fusion comes Futsal, now controlled by FIFA.

​1st Fifa Futsal World Cup

Still in 1989, the first FIFA Futsal World Cup was held in the Netherlands. Bradesco’s Brazilian team was authorized by CBFS to participate in the competition and became the FIFA Futsal World Cup champions.

Since 1992 the FUTSAL World Cups organized by FIFA have been held every 4 years.

​Brazilian Participation in Futsal History

Undoubtedly Brazil was the main developer of Futsal in the world, the improvement of the rules and techniques of this sport had great contribution of Brazilians.

​World champions in futsal and indoor soccer

  • 1882 – Brazil (FIFUSA)
  • 1885 – Brazil (FIFUSA)
  • 1988 – Paraguay (FIFUSA)
  • 1989 – Brazil (FIFA)
  • 1992 – Brazil (FIFA)
  • 1996 – Brazil (FIFA)
  • 2000 – Spain (FIFA)
  • 2004 – Spain (FIFA)
  • 2008 – Brazil (FIFA)
  • 2012 – Brazil (FIFA)
  • 2016 – Argentina (FIFA)
  • 2021 – Portugal (FIFA)

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