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1982 FIFA World Cup

1982 World Cup

Introduction: 1982 FIFA World Cup

The debut of new and more teams in the competition moved the fans during the 1982 FIFA World Cup. The Canarinho (Little Canary) team, with Zico and other stars, enchanted the world with their football art, but an Italian executioner would clip their wings on their way to the title.

The Biggest Score in World Cups

Held in Spain, the ’82 World Cup was the first to have 24 teams in the competition (previously there were 16). It was also the first World Cup to have representatives from all continents, including the debut of some African countries such as Cameroon and Algeria.

The biggest score in the history of the World Cup took place in 1982: Hungary 10 x 1 El Salvador.

Brazilian National Team of 82

Led by coach Telê Santana, the 1982 Brazilian team stood out for the harmony of the group and the “football-art” of the sport’s greatest idols. It was also the year when the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) was created, the entity that replaced the CBD (Brazilian Sports Confederation).

With Junior, Falcão, Sócrates, and Zico, the Brazilian team got through the first phase with ease. They beat Scotland (4 x 1) and New Zealand (4 x 0). Brazil also beat Argentina (3 x 1), which already had Diego Maradona on the team.

The Brazilian team enchanted the world with spectacular plays and the art of playing football. It was one of the great favorites to win the 82 World Cup.

The 1982 Brazilian National Team line-up: Goalkeeper: Valdir Peres. Wingbacks: Leandro and Júnior. Center-backs: Oscar and Luisinho. In the midfield: Cerezo, Falcão, Sócrates and Zico. Forwards: Serginho and Éder.

Fly, “Canarinho”!

Before the 1982 World Cup started, the player Júnior sang and released a compact with the samba “Povo Feliz”, better known as “Voa Canarinho”. This song would become the official anthem of the Brazilian team in that World Cup. It sold more than 300,000 copies in a few months.

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Brazil vs. Italy in 1982: The “Tragedy of the Sarriá

The match between Brazil and Italy was one of the most remarkable matches of the 1982 World Cup. As the Italian team had arrived without a significant campaign for the dispute, the Brazilians took victory for granted. But there was Italian star Paolo Rossi in the way.

Five minutes into the game, Rossi opened the scoring for Italy. Brazil managed to equalize with a strong shot from “Doutor” Sócrates, but another goal from Rossi gave the Italian team the lead again.

Falcão manages to tie the game in the second half, a result that would be enough for Brazil to advance in the World Cup. But Rossi takes advantage of an opportunity and scores his third goal in the match, becoming the executioner of the Brazilian team in the 82 World Cup. The 3-2 win, at Sarriá Stadium (Barcelona), guaranteed the Azzurri a place in the semifinals.

1982 World Cup Final

From a quiet start, the Italian team arrived at the final against West Germany with extreme confidence after the awakening of Paolo Rossi. And it was he himself who scored the first goal in the match, becoming the top scorer of the 82 World Cup.

The game continued with two more Italian goals and a German goal, ending the score 3-1. The Italian team equaled Brazil and won their third World Cup championship.

World Cup Series:


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