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1974 FIFA World Cup

1974 World Cup

Introduction: 1974 World Cup

Without Pelé, the Brazilian national team lost its great strength in winning a new star on the uniform. The 1974 FIFA World Cup revealed the Netherlands with a surprising team and well-qualified to receive a revamped trophy for the World Cup.

World Cup 74 in Germany

The ’74 World Cup was held in Germany still separately. Therefore, West Germany and East Germany were automatically qualified for the championship. The mascot of this Cup, represented by two boys (Tip and Tap), was a symbol of the sporting union of the territory.

Tip and Tap, mascots of the '74 World Cup

The terrorist attack at the 1972 Olympics in Munich caused the World Cup to be held under heavy security. The gatherings were guarded and the players were always accompanied by guards armed with machine guns.

The use of Goal Balance in the World Cup

The 1974 World Cup was the first to use goal difference as a tie-breaker. It was also when the first red card in the history of World Cups was given to Carlos Caszely (Chile).

First FIFA World Cup Trophy

Since the 1930 World Cup, the Jules Rimet Cup was held by the champion team until the next World Cup was held. The team that won the Cup three consecutive times had the right to keep the trophy permanently. That’s what happened to Brazil after they won the trophy three times in 1970.

For the 1974 World Cup, FIFA designed another cup to be given to the winner: the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Since then, no country has kept the original cup any longer. The champions receive a replica in its place.

In Brazil, the Jules Rimet cup was displayed at the CBF headquarters until 1983, when it was stolen. Legend has it that it had been melted down for the gold sold.

Brazilian National Team in 1974

After being three-time World Cup champions, the Brazilian national team could no longer count on its star player Pelé. The 1970 World Cup was the last of the “king of football“. But Brazil did call up stars such as Rivelino, Jairzinho and Valdomiro.

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Tip and Tap, mascots of the ’74 World CupThe Brazilian team managed to beat Argentina in the first game between the two teams in World Cups, intensifying the rivalry between the countries. The score was 2 x 0.

However, the Brazilian team fell into a difficult group with the powerful Netherlands and failed to make it past the semifinals. They lost to Poland and finished in fourth place in the 74 World Cup.

Holland surprises in the 1974 World Cup

Playing at home, West Germany showed organized football on the field. The team also featured skilled players, such as legendary captain Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Müller.

But it was the Netherlands who stood out throughout the championship. Their offensive tactics mixed the players, who had no fixed positions. This is how the Dutch team earned the nicknames “Clockwork Orange” and “Dutch Carrousel”.

The two teams were the strongest in the World Cup and would face each other in the grand final.

Final of the 74th World Cup

The Netherlands and West Germany made the 1974 World Cup Final an exciting match. But even with all the enthusiasm and innovation of the Dutch team, the West German players were better on the field and won the championship 2-1.

West Germany broke a 20-year drought to become two-time World Cup champions. It was the first country engraved on the new FIFA trophy for the championship.

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