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How Many Miles are There in a Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Ultramarathon?

Quantos Km tem uma Maratona, Meia-maratona e Ultramaratona?

Learn now how many miles are a Marathon, Half-marathon and Ultra-marathon.

​How Many Miles (mi) is a Marathon?

The Marathon is the most traditional race in Athletics and its course is exactly 26.218mi.

​How Many Miles (mi) is a Half-Marathon?

The Half Marathon is a race whose course is half that of a Marathon, that is, 13.109mi.

​How Many Miles (mi) is an Ultramarathon?

How Many Miles are There in a Marathon, Half-Marathon and Ultramarathon

An Ultramarathon is any race whose course is longer than the 26.218mi of the Marathon.

The courses usually vary from 31mi to 62mi, but there are races with courses longer than 62mi. Impressive!

Unlike the Marathon, which is an official athletics race, the Ultramarathon has no standardized rules, so it is run over different distances and over different terrains.

​Main Marathon Rules

Below are the main official Marathon rules, according to the IAAF:

  • Distance of 26.218mi;

  • The maximum gradient allowed on a marathon course is 1/1000;

  • The roads used for marathon races must remain closed to vehicles in all directions;

  • The marathon must be run on road, no soft ground is allowed;

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  • The start signal is made with a horn;

  • In races with a large number of competitors there are 5 minute, 3 minute and 1 minute warnings;

  • Along the race course there must be hydration stations, with sponges for refreshment and rest for the athletes;

  • Marathon runners may not deviate from the race course without permission from the marathon officials;

  • The athlete who deviates from the course to shorten the path will be disqualified;

  • Marathon runners cannot receive any kind of outside help;

  • The athlete may be removed from the race by medical intervention;

  • The distance between the start line and the finish line must not be greater than half the marathon course, i.e. 26.218mi (due to the influence of the wind).


Before you begin any physical activity, consult a qualified, licensed physician and physical education professional.

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