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Athletics Jumping Events

Athletics Jumping Events

​Athletics Jumping Events

Athletics jumping is basically divided into two types, each with 2 different modalities: jumps whose objective is to reach the greatest height, and jumps whose objective is to reach the greatest distance or length. Below we will talk about each of the Athletics Jumping Events.

​Women’s and men’s jumping events in athletics

Unlike running, jumping is a form of athletics that has the same events for male and female athletes; men and women follow the same rules.

​The jumps where the goal is to reach greater heights are:

​High Jump in Athletics

In the athletics High Jump, the athlete will have nothing to help him in his impulsion, he will have 3 attempts to jump over a bar suspended by 2 poles for each height of the jib.

The world record holders for the athletics high jump are:


Brand: 2.09 m.
Athlete: Stefka Kostadinova/ Bulgaria.
Record date: August 30, 1987.


Brand: 2.45 m.
Athlete: Javier Sotomayor / Cuba.
Record date: July 27, 1993.

Updated 10/22/2022.


Saltos do Atletismo: salto em altura do atletismo

Athletics Jumping: The athletics high jump

​Pole Vaulting in Athletics

In the athletics pole vault, the athlete runs on a small track and uses a pole to get his momentum, and when he jumps he must overcome the Sarrafo, which is the bar placed as an obstacle. Competitors can only knock down the Sarrafo 3 times. There is a “support box” so that the pole does not slip when the athlete rests the pole on the ground to perform the jump.

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​The world record holders for the athletics pole vault are:

​Women’s Record

​Male Record

  • Brand: 6.21 meters.

  • Athlete: Mondo Duplantis from Sweden.

  • Record date: July 24, 2022.

Updated 10/22/2022.

Athletics Jumping EventsAthletics Jumping: Pole Vaulting in Athletics

​The jumps in which you must achieve greater distance or length in the jump are:

​Long Jump in Athletics

The long jump in track and field is performed after a short run to gain momentum, the athlete reaches the board, which separates the track from the sandbox, the athlete must jump as far as possible. The athlete cannot step on the board at the moment of release (burn the jump).

The long jump world record holders in athletics are:

​Women’s World Record

  • Galina Chistyakova of the Soviet Union with 7.52 meters won on June 11, 1988.

​Men’s World Record

  • Mike Powell of the United States with 8.95 meters won on August 30, 1991.

Updated 10/22/22.

Athletics Jumping Events

Athletics Jumping: Long Jump

​Athletics Triple Jump

In the athletics Triple Jump, the athlete must run on the track until the first line, where he/she will make two running jumps using the same leg, trying to get as close as possible to the sandbox, where he/she will make the third jump using a different leg than the one used in the first two jumps, and trying to reach the greatest distance possible.

The world record holders for the triple jump in athletics are:

​Women’s World Record

  • Yulimar Rojas from Venezuela with 15.74 meters won on March 20 2022.

​Men’s World Record

  • Jonathan Edwards of the United Kingdom with 18.29 meters won on September 8, 1995.

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