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How to Play Volleyball? Technical Fundamentals of Volleyball


How to Play Volleyball? Technical Fundamentals of Volleyball

Learn How to Play Volleyball. Know the main Technical Fundamentals of Volleyball.

What are the Fundamentals of Volleyball?

The Fundamentals are the techniques and skills used by players in the game of Volleyball. The main Fundamentals are the Service, Reception or Pass, Setting, Attack, Block and Defense.

How to Serve in Volleyball?

The service is one of the main fundamentals, is the act of putting the ball into play. In the language of Volleyball, the service is the foundation that starts a Rally. A well-executed service is one that makes it difficult for the opposing team to receive (pass), will make the players of the receiving team have to move away from their positions and have more difficulty to perform an attack.

Volleyball Rally is all the actions that happen in the game from the moment a service is made until the moment a team scores a point. With each new service, a new Rally starts. ”

By the FIVB Volleyball Rules, the serving player must be behind the end line of his court, a region called service zone.

Related Service Rules

The Volleyball service zone is a 9-meter wide area behind the end line on either side of the court.”


There are three types or styles of Volleyball service: Under Service, Float Service, and Jump Service.


It is a slower type of service in which the ball travels higher over the net. It is the most suitable service for beginners in Volleyball.


If you are right-handed, hold the ball with your left hand at your waist, with your right hand closed, your thumb out, hit the bottom of the ball hard enough that it overtakes the net and falls into the adversary court. If you are left-handed, just do the same movement, switching the hands.

The under service in Volleyball


The Float Service is faster and more efficient, used also for professional players.


Hold the ball with one or both hands, toss it over the head and hit the ball with the palm of your hand.

Float Service


The Jump Service is very fast and efficient, the most commonly used among professional players.


The player should be a few steps away from the end line, toss the ball high and forward, run, jump and hit the ball with the palm of the hand, as high and strong as possible.

The Jump Service

Service Reception in Volleyball

The Reception is one of the Volleyball Basics Fundamentals, it is the act of receiving the opposing service and passing the ball to the team setter. The reception is the first of three contacts allowed for each team.

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The most used technique in the reception is the dig (see image above). It is important during the dig execution, that the ball has contact with both forearms.

Service Reception in Volleyball

How to do Setting in Volleyball?

The setting is usually the second contact of the three rings allowed for each team. The most commonly used technique for performing is the Set. However, the setting can also be done with a dig.

The goal of the setting is to raise the ball near the net for a teammate to perform an attack.

How to do Setting in Volleyball?

Related Setting Rules

If the Libero is in the front zone and makes a setting using both hands (sett), his teammates cannot attack the ball above the upper edge of the net.”

How to make a Volleyball Attack?

The attack is most often the third contact with the ball, allowed to each team. The most used technique in the attack is a sequence of running approach, jump and hit the ball with one hand. Usually, the attack is done by bouncing and hitting the ball with the palm as hard as possible and downwards.

How to make a Volleyball Attack?


The tip is a type of non-force attack when a player jumps to perform an attack and instead of making a strong hit, he controls the ball with his fingertips to deflect the opposing block.

How to Block in Volleyball?

The Block (see image) is a defensive action that aims to block the attack and send the ball back to the opposing court.

The block can be single (one player), double (two players) or triple (three players).

How to Block in Volleyball?

Related Block Rules

Is not allowed to block the adversary service”

The libero cannot block or attempt to block”

Defense in Volleyball

The defense is a fundamental that can be performed with any part of the body, including the feet. The goal of the defense is to prevent the success of the attack of the opposing team.

The defense is such an important fundamental in Volleyball that there is an expert defensive player, the libero.


Como realizar a Defesa no Vôlei



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