Futsal Skills: The Futsal Techniques

By | January 12, 2019

What are Futsal Skills?

Futsal Skills are the techniques used during a Futsal match. Pass, kick and head are examples of Futsal Skills.

Which are the Futsal Skills?

Here are some futsal skills: ball trapping / reception, ball control, ball carrying, the pass, the kick, the head, the dribble and the feint. Please find below a summary of the main Futsal skills.

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Ball Control Skill on Futsal

Ball Control in Futsal differs from the ball trapping because it refers to the act of keeping the ball under control without letting it fall to the ground. This skill is also popularly known as kick-ups.

Futsal Tactics System

Ball Reception / Trapping Skill

It is the act of receiving the ball in the Futsal. The trapping can be performed with any part of the body eligible by the Futsal Rules, such as feet, thigh, chest, head, among other parts. The main and most indicated technique for receiving / trapping the ball in Futsal is the “stepping”, which is when the Futsal player dominates the ball by stepping on it with the sole of the foot.

Futsal Positions

Fundamentos do Futsal: domínio de bola

Ball Carrying Skill on Futsal

Ball Carrying is the act of carrying the ball on your possession through the pitch. It is possible to carry the ball in a straight line or changing direction (zigzag). Carrying can be performed by using the front of the foot, the instep or by stepping on the ball, the so-called “roll”. It is very important that the Carrying is performed with the ball always very close to the player’s feet.

Futsal Defensive Elements

Fundamentos do Futsal: Condução de Bola

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Ball Pass Skill on Futsal

The ball Pass on Futsal is the act of sending the ball to a teammate. The Pass can be performed with any part of the body eligible by the Futsal Rules, such as the feet, thigh, chest, head, heel. The most used passing skill is performed by touching the ball with the inside of the foot, the so-called pass lead.

Kick or shooting skill on Futsal

The Kick on Futsal is the act of sending the ball towards the goal / goal of the opposing team with the intention of scoring a goal. The Kick can be performed with any part of the body allowed by the Rules of the Futsal; kick with the inside of the foot (lead), with the instep, back heel, thigh, and head. The best Kick is the one that unites precision and strength.

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Head Skill on Futsal

It is the act of heading the ball. Heading in Futsal can be used defensively, to stop an opponent’s attack, to pass or in the form of a Kick / Finish, in order to score a goal. The most used Head Skill on Futsal is performed by using the forehead area.

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Dribble Skill on Futsal

Dribbling on Futsal involves two other skills: Trapping and Carrying. Dribbling is the act of passing through a defender by trapping and carrying the ball. Dribbling requires change of direction, creativity, speed and agility, with the intention of deceiving the opponent and passing through it.

Drible no FutsalFeint on Futsal

The Feint on Futsal is different from the Dribble because it is performed without trapping the ball, and it is also known as Body Dribble / Body Feint. The Feint is a creative skill, with a change of direction, not using the ball, performed in order to deceive the opponent, aiming to reach or receive the ball.

Video Class: How to Play Futsal

If you like to view content in video format, “Physical Education” has prepared a video class about the Basic Futsal Skills:

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