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Football FIFA Rules Changes 2019

Football FIFA Rules Changes 2019

​The Changes In Football Rules

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) held its 133rd Annual General Meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland and discussed The Football FIFA Rules Changes 2019. The meeting was attended by representatives from FIFA. Discussions on the new 2019 Football Laws were in various areas aimed at improving the rules for the benefit of Football, as well as an evaluation of the use of video refereeing (VARs).

​1 – About Ball In Hand

About the “Ball in Hand”, that is, about the involuntary touch of the ball in the hand, it will no longer be considered a foul in the following situations:

  • When you interrupt an assist, i.e. a pass on a possible goal kick;

  • When interrupting a shot on goal;

  • When the unintentional hand touch turns into an assist for a goal;

  • When the ball touches your hand unintentionally and enters the goal.

​2 – Substituted Played

A substituted player must now leave by the nearest boundary line in the region of the pitch he is on. Delaying play, the famous “waxing”, will no longer be tolerated at the time of substitution.

​3 – Cards For Technical Commission

Now the members of the coaching staff can also be punished with cards if they comment on an act of indiscipline from the bench. They can be punished with either a yellow or a red card.

​4 – Goal Kick

Another important change is that when taking a Goal Shot, it is no longer mandatory for the ball to leave the penalty area to go into play. Therefore, the goalkeeper can now take the goal kick to a teammate who is inside the penalty area.

Football FIFA Rules Changes 2019

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​5 – Goalkeeper At The Penalty Kick

For Penalty Kicks the goalkeeper will now have to keep at least one foot on the goal line, no longer both feet, as was previously required. This is another attempt to regulate the goalkeepers’ advances in penalty kicks.

​6 – Card At Goal Celebration

Now an exaggerated goal celebration is liable to a yellow or red card even if the goal is disallowed.

​7 – Backing The Ball Up To The Goalkeeper

Now, if the goalkeeper misses the shot on a dropped ball, he can pick up the ball with his hands.

​8 – Barrier Formation

Now that Barrier formed by the team taking the free-kick must be at least 1 meter away from the defending team’s barrier.

​9 – Advantage And Cards

Now in a carded throw the referee will be able to allow the foul to be taken quickly and only after the play has stopped apply the card. Before, if the referee understood that the foul was for a card, he had to stop the game and apply the card and only then allow the foul to be taken.

​10 – Heads Or Tails

Now the player who wins the “coin toss” before the start of the game can choose which side of the field he wants to start on, or whether he wants to leave with the ball. Before, he could only choose which side of the field he wanted to start the game on.

​11 – Average Service And Penalty Kick

Now, if the player taking the penalty is in medical care off the field, he can return to the match to take the penalty. Before, he could only return after the penalty was taken.

​12 – Ball To The Ground

There is no longer a “dropped ball” contest, the ball will now be given to the player who had the ball before the stoppage in play. If the ball is inside the penalty area, it is given to the goalkeeper.

​How Changes Are Decided

There are 8 votes on the International Board, 4 of which are from FIFA members and the other board is divided among the 4 Football associations that unified the rules of soccer in the early 1900’s, which are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It takes 6 votes for a change to be approved.

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