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A Corner Kick in Futsal: Updated Rules

A Corner Kick in Futsal

What is a corner in futsal?

A corner in futsal takes place whenever the ball goes entirely over the goal line, outside the goalposts, after it has been played or touched for the last time by a defending player.

Is it worth a corner kick?

A goal can be scored directly from a corner kick in Futsal only against the opposing team, i.e. a goal in favor.

Own Goal from a corner kick in Futsal

If a player kicks the ball in a corner against his own goal and the ball enters the goal directly, the goal is invalid and a corner kick is awarded to the opposing team. However, if the ball touches any player and enters the goal, the goal is valid.

Offside Signaling in Futsal

When the ball goes out for a corner immediately the referee should indicate with his arm extended to the end line at a 45° angle downwards.

A Corner Kick in Futsal

Procedure for corner kicks in Futsal

The ball is always placed in the quadrant closest to where the ball came off the goal line, i.e. the corner cannot be taken from either side.

The ball must be placed motionless within the quadrant and will be kicked by an attacking player.

The corner must be executed within 04 (four) seconds after the attacking player is in possession of the ball or in playing condition and has been cleared by the referee.

The ball is in play as soon as it is kicked with the foot and moves clearly, not needing to leave the quadrant to be in play.

A Corner Kick in Futsal

Distance of the opponent in the corner in Futsal

All opposing players must be within the court and remain at least 05 meters from the ball until the ball is in play.

Where necessary, the referees must caution a player who does not respect the minimum distance of 05 metres before taking a corner. In cases where the player is slow to move away or consistently infringes the distance, the referees must yellow card the offender.

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Positioning of the corner taker

The corner taker in Futsal can have his support foot on the sideline, goal line, outside or inside the court.

Two Touches from a corner kick

If after taking a corner kick, the player taking the corner touches the ball a second time, before any other player does, his team is penalized with an indirect free kick at the spot where the second touch occurred. If the second touch is with the hand

a) Will be penalized with a direct free kick if it is outside his own area;

b) If this touch is committed inside his own goal area, a penalty kick will be awarded, except when it is the goalkeeper who is awarded an indirect free kick.

Kicking the corner intentionally over a player

In the correct execution of the Corner, the executor may kick the ball voluntarily against an opposing player or teammate, with the intention of replaying, provided it is not in a reckless, reckless manner or using excessive force, the referee will allow play to continue.

Take the corner out of the quadrant

If the player takes the corner with the ball out of the quadrant, the referee orders the shot to be taken again and restarts the counting of the 04 seconds from the seconds that had already passed after the first authorization, until it is correctly taken or exceeds the 04 (four) seconds.

Take the corner out

If a player, while taking a corner kick, moves the ball out to the sideline, the game is restarted with a sideline kick for the opposing team, and if he moves it out to the goal line, it will be restarted with a goal kick in favor of the opposing team.

Reversal of the corner in Futsal

If the team taking the corner commits any other infringement of this rule, a goal kick is awarded to the opposing team. For example, when a player takes more than 4 seconds to take a corner kick.

Defending Team Infractions

If the infraction is committed by the defending team, the corner must be retaken.

Law of Advantage in the corner

Referees may not apply the Law of Advantage on an irregular corner kick, even if the ball is in the possession of the opposing team, but must apply the provisions of this Law.

Positioning of the referee in the corner kick

A Corner Kick in Futsal

The referee who is on the touchline on the side of the quadrant where the ball is to be placed and a corner kick is to be taken, positions himself on the touchline approximately 5 m from the ball before allowing the kick to be taken. In this position, the referee should check that the ball is correctly placed inside the corner quadrant and that the players of the defending team have retreated at least 5 meters. The other referee takes up a position on the other side, at the intersection of the touchline and the goal line. In this position, this referee observes the ball and the players’ behavior. If a counter-attack occurs, the referee who is further forward follows the play.

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