Futsal Positions: The Positions of Futsal Players

By | January 12, 2019

Introduction: Futsal Positions

In this quick article on the Futsal Positions the Physical Education Tips an illustrated summary about the main positions of the Futsal players: the Defender, the Wingers, the Pivot (Forward), the Goalkeeper and the Fly Goalkeeper.

The Positions of Futsal Players

The Defender

The Defender is the player in the further back or more defensive in a Futsal team. Some of the characteristics of a good defender are being a good marker and having a good ball Pass. The Defender must also be communicative to organize the marking and the exit of ball of his team.

The Defender of Futsal

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The Wingers

In Futsal there is the right wing and the left wing. The wings are the players that occupy the sides of the pitch. Some of the characteristics of the wings are speed and agility both to attack and to defend

The Wingers in Futsal

The Pivot (Forward)

The Pivot (Forward) is the most advanced player on the pitch or the more offensive in a Futsal team. Some of the characteristics of a good Pivot (Forward) are having a good ball control, a good pass and a good shoot / finish. The Pivot (Forward) usually receives the ball backwards to the opposing goalkeeper. Afterwards, the Pivot (Forward) can pass the ball to a teammate who approaches or tries to turn and finish, shooting to the goal. The Pivot (Forward) must be constantly moving, looking for spaces in the opponent’s defense in order to get the ball.


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The Pivot (Forward in Futsal

The Goalkeeper in Futsal

The goalkeeper is the player whose main goal is to prevent the ball from entering its own goal. The goalkeeper must be quick and can use any part of the body to perform a defense. A good Goalkeeper should be agile, have a good sense of positioning and communicate enough with his teammates, as to organize the defensive system.

The Goalkeeper in Futsal

The Fly Goalkeeper in Futsal

The Fly Goalkeeper is the goalkeeper who assumes the role of an outfield player when their team is in possession of the ball. This usually happens when a team is losing a match and needs to increase their offensive options in order to reverse the score. The Fly Goalkeeper can be the own goalkeeper who plays as an outfield player or an outfield player who replaces the goalkeeper.

The Fly Goalkeeper

Video: Futsal Positions

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