The Fustal Court (Pitch): Lines, dimensions and pitch markings

By | September 30, 2018

Introduction: The Futsal Pitch

As you can see, the Futsal court or pitch is quite simple, but we have made an Illustrated Guide with precious information for you to get to know and learn all about the Futsal pitch.

Futsal Pitch Surface

The Futsal court or pitch must be flat, smooth, non-abrasive, and not rough. The floor can be made of wood or made of artificial material well leveled. Concrete pitches are not recommended for Futsal due to the roughness of this type of flooring.

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What are the Futsal Pitch lines called?

The Futsal court or pitch lines have 8cm width and are referred to as: touch lines, goal lines, penalty area, central line and central circle line. The Futsal court or pitch lines must have different color from the rest of the pitch.

The Futsal Tactics

What are the Futsal Court or Pitch dimensions?

For international FIFA matches the Futsal Court dimensions shall have a minimum size of 38 meters long by 20 meters wide and a maximum size of 42 meters long by 25 meters wide.

Medidas da Quadra de Futsal

The Futsal pitch: Women’s national matches

For Adult, U-20, U-17 and U-15 national women matches, the minimum pitch size is 36 meters long by 18 meters wide. The minimum escape area outside the pitch is 1.5 meters.

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15 The pitch in U-17 and U-15men amateur matches

For U-17 and U-15 men amateur matches, the minimum pitch size is the same as that used in women’s Futsal matches, that is, 36 meters long and 18 meters wide. The minimum escape area outside the pitch is 1.5 meters.

In State competitions and other local ones, the dimensions of the Futsal pitch may have their own regulation, defined by the local federations.

Futsal court dimensions

Futsal court dimensions


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A área penal na quadra de Futsal

A área penal ou área do goleiro fica em um raio de 6 metros das traves. Há uma distância de 6 metros do ponto médio em as duas traves laterais é feita a marcação do Tiro Penal ou marca do pênalti.

A 10 metros do ponto médio entre as duas traves laterais é feita marcação do segundo Tiro penal, usada para cobrança do Tiro Livre Direto sem barreira, que ocorre quando uma equipe extrapola o limite de 5 faltas por tempo de jogo.

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Corner Kick in a Futsal Court

A quarter circle with a radius of 25 cm from each corner is drawn inside the pitch, where the corner kick will be taken.

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Goal posts in a Futsal Pitch

The goal posts in Futsal have the following dimensions: 2 meters high by 3 meters wide, the diameter of each beam being 8 centimeters, the total height of the goal (including the post) is 2.08 meters and the total width of the goal is 3.16 meters.


Qual Tamanho das traves do Futsal

Substitution Zone in a Futsal Court

The Substitution Zones in a Futsal pitch are the areas on the touchline in front of the team benches and have 5 meters width. The substitution zones must be located 5 meters away from the pitch’s central line.

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